A Case Study on the Impact of Paper to Electronic Workflows.


Make Your Firm's
Intranet Site Interactive


Retire your paper forms and see New Business
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An Orange County law firm wanted to move away from a less paper-based workflow and establish an electronic workflow for client property as well as firm property. They had outsourced their office services and records center for more than a decade but was seeing little evolution in those areas and had a habit of investing in new technology often feeling disappointed in the results.


We saved the firm money by streamlining the processes, eliminating redundancy and recapturing space. It was essential to move them away from a people/paper dependent filing and copy departments to a single intake department that emphasizes the connection between the people, the process and the technology.


VDS’s first step was to introduce an expert on-site Intake Manager alongside our subject matter experts with experience in “paper-heavy” operations and “paper-less” workflows. The new team members helped staff by training them on the mechanics of the newly developed workflow that relied heavily on electronic workflow rather than paper/person dependent processes.

The Solution:

  • Replacing the firm’s intranet site with a portal where workflow tools and applications are accessible:
  • Exposing an automated new business intake process through the portal and retiring the old manual, paper intensive process. The status of new business is exposed along with the transaction history and supporting documentation through the portal. Accounting no longer hand enters new business data into the time and billing system, rather it is pushed to them through the process and then automatically passed along after the approval process has completed.
  • Creating a scanning workflow that organizes documents in a physical file like format created by the profiling process. The electronic files replace the physical files and are exposed “live-time” through the portal and automatically generated notifications as the electronic files are being processed. The workflow also generates a dynamic report that allows the VDS Manager to track, report and audit as processing happens. There are a number of scanning workflows specific to a variety of practices within the firm and scanned documents are organized into a personalized dashboard based on who is billing time against a matter.
  • Establishing an electronic drop off repository that allows secretaries to hand off electronic collections that need to be fully profiled and QC’d by the department thus retiring the process of end users scanning, profiling and distributing via email.
  • Allowing users to drag and drop email into the same electronic files organized by file types and honoring security and access rights.
  • Engineering an automated disposition barcoding process that alerts the billing attorneys and the staff when physical material, either on or offsite, is eligible to be returned to the client or destroyed. The practice of contacting Accounting for a report of closed matters and contacting attorneys for the destruction approval process has been replaced with a fully integrated workflow between the barcoding system and the firm’s time and billing system.
  • Building an enterprise search engine that crosses multiple systems including the DMS and the file shares.