Managed Services

Improving Workflow.

Reducing Cost.

Increasing Productivity.

  • The way firms work and the way they produce has changed dramatically. Firm’s need to be well on their way to greatly reducing their dependency on paper and transforming their production centers into fast-moving “digital work environments”.
  • Managed Services
  • VDS excels at providing “white glove” service while simultaneously designing, developing and deploying strategies and solutions that effectively manage the complex process of creating an optimized electronic workflow. We provide expert on-site management and skilled legal document experts to create and manage a customized information workflow. Instead of traditional labels such as the “Copy Center”, our operations are managed as Business Intake Centers that deliver a fully firm-integrated process to manage physical and electronic documents from initial intake to final disposition.
  • Business Intake Center
    To create efficiencies we break down the operational walls that separate service areas and establish Business Intake Centers that become hubs for the input, storage and retrieval of information.
  • Managed Services
    Our focus is managing and integrating Support Services such as the “Copy Center” and Records to establish an operation that lays the foundation for an efficient firm wide information workflow.
  • Records Management
    VDS provides strategy, technology and staffing solutions to address all physical and electronic records and information workflow requirements.
  • IT Management
    VDS works with its clients to evaluate current technology, provide a vision, inform the firm regarding effective investments and, most importantly, make it all work in a cohesive fashion.
  • Litigation Support
    VDS provides skilled Litigation Support Specialists and a full range of onsite Litigation Support services for our clients.

    Secretarial Services
    Your attorneys need to be ultra-efficient and VDS can provide a support structure that includes a skilled team with diverse secretarial, paralegal, and document management skills.
  • Docket/Conflicts
    VDS provides skilled Litigation Support Specialists and a full range of onsite Litigation Support services for our clients.VDS provides skilled Litigation Support Specialists and a full range
  • Business Intake Center

    The “Work Faster and More Efficiently” Document Solution.

  • As today’s law firms face increasing competitive pressures, attorneys are being challenged to work faster and more efficiently than ever. This has forced firms to take a hard look at the way they support their attorneys. Quick, accurate access to information has become a critical necessity in making attorneys more efficient. However, an overwhelming amount of information is being created and attorneys are having increasing difficulty searching for it. This has become a huge productivity challenge for most firms. It is made more difficult because the support services like Records and Office Services that should be creating efficient information workflows usually function in completely separate silos that actually bog down the workflow.
  • VDS has the answer – The Business Intake Center    
  • VDS helps firms break down operational walls and integrates service areas by establishing Business Intake Centers. These Centers combine service areas by designing information workflows that put the critical steps of scanning, profiling and indexing in the hands of skilled VDS employees. We complete the workflow by creating, intake, storage and retrieval methods that speed up information access for the attorneys and facilitate effective collaboration with their teams and clients.
  • Business Intake Center
  • A high functioning Business Intake Center means responsiveness to clients improves, billing is fast and efficient, more work is done in less time, secretarial and support services headcount is fully utilized, expenses are reduced, and overall efficiency increases.
  • Managed Services

    Solutions for Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Office Services

  • The effectiveness of a firm’s “Support Services” such as the Copy/Print Center, the Mailroom, Hospitality, Reception, Supplies, etc is critical to the success of a firms overall practice support and efficiency.    
  • Law Firm’s must be efficient in every aspect of their business and Support Services is no exception. Along with exceptional service, we provide expertise in equipment selection, workflow design, staffing and training to establish highly effective operations that improve the way attorneys work.
  • Managed Services
  • Law firm Support Services such as Copy, Records and IT typically work in silos and are separated from a technology or workflow perspective. Our focus in managing Support Services is to integrate these services and establish an operation that lays the foundation for an efficient firm wide information workflow.
  • VDS employees are a critical component of our success and in addition to being technically skilled they also thoroughly understand our clients’ businesses.
  • The VDS vision to establish a Business Intake Center and efficient information workflow that fully integrates Records starts with the effective management of Support Services especially the Copy/Print/Scan services.   
  • VDS also provides support in critical areas such as:
  • Managed ServicesMail
    Although we manage and track all incoming and outgoing USPS and accountable mail, couriers, messengers, inner office pouches etc. our focus is to help firms eliminate or reduce the need for paper mail. We have worked with numerous clients to “digitize” mail and route it electronically to the recipient.
    We work with our clients existing technology or supplement it if necessary to design a workflow that intakes mail, routes it to the firm designated repository and organizes it so it is easy to access.
    More information about these solutions is included in this case study.    
  • Managed ServicesConference Room and Audio Visual Management
    VDS manages a variety of hospitality and conference operations including ordering and delivering food, kitchen prep, conference set-ups, etc. We have custom designed proprietary conference room calendaring software that eliminates the use of manual logs, emails, etc. and creates an on-line Conference Room scheduling system that is accessible via a Firm’s Intranet by all Firm offices. End users are able to access details about each conference room and schedule time and conference room set ups on their own.
    We also provide expert onsite staff skilled in the setup of complex presentations using state of the art presentation technology.
  • Managed ServicesSupplies
    VDS will manage supply ordering, stocking, tracking etc as well as perform audits to insure our clients are receiving the most advantageous pricing.
  • Managed ServicesReception
    VDS understands the critical role the Receptionist plays and provides professional receptionist service for numerous clients. We work with all of the leading phone systems and communication technologies and cross train our employees to insure our clients have a professional backup Receptionist familiar with their firm's culture and technology.
  • Records Management

    The Cornerstone to a Powerful Document Solution.

  • The ever increasing volume of electronic information in law firms is challenging the traditional notions of records and document management. The need for immediate access to all forms of critical information is moving the paper-based records/file room towards extinction. Speedy access now determines whether a records operation is successful or not. As technology and access to information continually evolve, your firm’s support services need to evolve as well to meet your information management needs.
  • Records Management
  • VDS provides strategy, technology and staffing solutions to address the Information Management needs of law firms which now must encompass all physical and electronic records requirements. We have experts in all disciplines of Information Management and have developed a variety of sophisticated solutions to help our clients fully leverage their information. In doing so, we also significantly increase the efficiency of your attorneys while decreasing the divide between the way electronic and physical documents are maintained.
  • Many firms have difficulty addressing their growing records and information management needs because they don’t know where to start. With our expertise, the focus will be on creating a strategy that sets a clear path to understanding the firm’s priorities and then creating a roadmap to marry the technology, the people and the processes to achieve your goals.
  • IT Management

    Personalized Data. Instant Desktop Access. Dramatically More Productive.

  • Law Firms are being challenged to be more efficient than ever. Demanding clients, pressure on fees and increased competition all force attorneys to produce quality work at a blinding pace. There are numerous new technologies that help attorneys work more efficiently.
    Because of this, it is imperative that the firm’s IT Department is establishing plans to utilize this technology effectively. The IT team needs to work with firm management to provide a vision, lay a solid foundation, inform the firm regarding effective investments and, most importantly, make it all work in a cohesive fashion to support the firm’s needs.
  • IT Management
  • Efficiency is measured now by how quickly information can be accessed whether an attorney is in the office, on the road or at home. Your IT team needs to be familiar with up to date document management technologies, powerful search systems and mobile technology. The IT team must also effectively collaborate with the records team and copy center to build a cohesive information management strategy and workflow for the firm.
  • VDS recognizes the critical role a firms IT operation plays in breaking down the traditional support service silos and has had great success managing Support Services, Records and IT to create effective information workflows. We will manage and staff all aspects of your IT operation to provide continuity, oversight and overall efficiency.
  • Our services include:
  • IT Management Services
  • VDS ServicesConsulting
  • IT Management ServicesNetwork Services
  • IT Management ServicesHelp Desk
  • IT Management ServicesServer Management
  • IT Management ServicesMobile Access
  • IT Management ServicesSecurity Management
  • IT Management ServicesComputer Management
  • IT Management ServicesRecords and Document Management Systems
  • IT Management ServicesDisaster Recovery
  • Litigation Support Services

    Critical Documents Handled Skillfully and Efficiently

  • VDS provides a full range of Litigation Support services for our clients including:
  • Litigation Support ServicesScanning and Imaging
  • Litigation Support ServicesIpro system deployment, design, management, training and usage
  • Litigation Support ServicesBlow Backs
  • Litigation Support ServicesDatabases with Structures
  • Litigation Support ServicesLoad Files
  • Litigation Support ServicesOCR
  • Litigation Support ServicesEndorsing
  • Litigation Support ServicesRenumbering
  • Litigation Support ServicesConversions (PDF to TIF, TIF to PDF, JPG to TIF)
  • Litigation Support ServicesCoding
  • Litigation Support ServicesCD & DVD Duplication
  • Litigation Support ServicesLabeling (bates and misc. labels)
  • Litigation Support ServicesMedia Management
  • Litigation Support ServicesIT and Server Management for Lit Support
  • We know capturing an image is more than just scanning. For example, it includes the unitization of images to show the physical document breaks in the correct format. This is one example of a vital step in creating a load file and VDS recognizes that it requires a technical specialist. We provide onsite Litigation Support Specialists who are certified and trained to perform these duties on many different software platforms.
  • We can manage all of your litigation support requirements and typically perform most document treatment onsite by utilizing state of the art technology to create load files and then send the files to service bureaus for final treatment.
  • Docket/Conflict Services

    The Solution is More Than Just the Software.

  • Docket and Conflict Services
  • In today's fast paced, driven world, making sure deadlines are met on time has become one of the focal points of an attorney's day to day practice. Yet, the frequent causes of malpractice claims continue to be missed statutes of limitation and other deadline dates. Today, law firms are being challenged to be more efficient than ever and the busy life of attorneys places many demands on their time. Therefore, having a risk management practice in place, like a centralized calendaring system, plays a critical role in keeping track of court appearances, depositions, and other deadline demands. However, what we have found common in firms is that although their goal is to have a calendaring software that is reliable, efficient and user friendly, many lack a solid strategy on how to use that software to protect the firm and give users confidence. At VDS our subject matter experts understand the details of how to properly develop, configure and deploy a calendaring/docket workflow program to ensure the firm’s Docket Department is run smoothly.
  • What that looks like:
  • Docket and Conflict ServicesInstall a centralized calendar system that keeps the firm’s software running effortlessly.
  • Docket and Conflict ServicesUniversal Participation- makes sure all attorneys and staff in the firm participates in the calendaring system.
  • Docket and Conflict Services

    Efficient back-up – this is essential in case of a system malfunction. Having a separate desktop calendar available managed by the attorneys’ legal assistants reduces the chances of missed dates in addition to I-pad and I-phones as a secondary version of a calendar. Regardless of the system used, information should be backed-up daily or nightly.

  • Docket and Conflict ServicesDocket Clerk – designate a person who will be responsible for inputting data into the calendaring system.
  • Docket and Conflict ServicesIncoming mail –implement a procedure on how the Docket Department will receive mail for calendaring.
  • Docket and Conflict Services

    Rule Exclusions – generate dates that only apply to the case at hand. This practice eliminates unwanted dates and keeps the accuracy of the Attorneys’ calendars.

  • Docket and Conflict Services

    Outlook calendar– the calendaring system must be synced to the attorneys’ outlook calendars to trigger the reminder notices and deadline events.

  • Docket and Conflict ServicesReports – provide daily, weekly and/or customized docket reports outlining the case and upcoming deadlines.
  • Docket and Conflict ServicesRules – Ensure rules are frequently updated with the latest edition of each rule.
  • Secretarial Services

    Support Your Attorneys with Skilled Resources


  • Secretarial Services
  • Over the past several years, the Legal Secretary position has evolved into many roles and now depends as much on the size of the Firm as the vintage of the supported team. At VDS, we recognize and staff based on these changing needs with a goal of using technology as well as different employees to accomplish all tasks. A typical Secretarial job description in summary includes: “Performs a variety of duties to assist attorneys according to established policies and procedures. Maintains positive contact with clients and observes confidentiality of client matters. Organizes and maintains case files, pleadings and other documents and attorney notebooks. Summarizes articles, reports, witness statements and depositions. Keeps accurate time records.”
  • Parataries

  • VDS has introduced the combined position of Paratary to our team. Certified Paralegals who are Secretaries make for a unique solution. Having a timekeeper in this position allows for the best of both worlds. Additionally, the lowered costs of billing time is a new approach to the ever changing Firm landscape. We envision the Paratary role in summary to include: “Performs a hybrid role with most of their responsibilities falling in the paralegal/legal assistant role but they will also have the ability to help with some secretarial responsibilities and provide back-up if Secretarial services are needed. The traditional role of the secretary is changing as newer attorneys perform many tasks on their own especially document creation, revisions, etc. The Parataries can still help in those areas but their real value will be their legal knowledge and ability to help with practice support needs.”
  • Administrative Assistants

  • The vintage of lawyers is having a huge impact on how we staff secretaries. We find there is less true legal secretary work but the requirement for admin assistants remains. At VDS, our goal is to design a solution with the appropriate positions. A single Legal Secretary joined by an Admin Assistant and perhaps a Paratary makes for an unstoppable team, a hierarchy for career growth and a lower cost basis.
  • Training and Procertas

  • To accomplish the increased ratio goals and support different levels of requests, VDS has teamed with Procertas for training and certification with technology tools.
    Procertas (Professional Certifications and Technology Assessments) is a new kind of company for an evolving legal marketplace. Our mission is better alignment between law firms and law departments, as well as between law departments and the businesses they represent. Our flagship product, the Legal Technology Assessment (LTA), improves quality and increases efficiency by ensuring that legal professionals are properly using the basic technology tools of their trade: Word, Excel, and PDF. The LTA is a first-of-its kind integrated benchmarking and training platform pairing competence-based assessments with synchronous, active learning in a completely live environment. Our clients become COBOT Qualified (Certified Operator of Basic Office Technology).