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Our Story

“Efficient. On Time. Secure.”

Looking back

For 10 years, we’ve been leaders in providing innovative onsite and technology solutions for law firms and other professional services providers.

In those ten years, competition in the legal market dramatically increased, clients began demanding services at much reduced rates and the need for efficiency in law firm operations became a critical demand. We knew when we started how those trends would intensify the challenges law firms faced to remain competitive. We also knew those challenges could be met if firms had strategic business partners who truly understood their needs and who could provide them with the tools and resources needed to compete at the highest levels.

Looking forward

VDS established a team of industry experts in Law Firm Operations, Information Workflow Consulting and Equipment Systems who deliver outstanding service to our clients. Our Senior Management Team has years of experience in the outsourcing and equipment business working in all sizes of law firms and we leverage that experience and the relationships we have developed to get things done for our clients.

In order to stay competitive, more firms are leaning toward an electronic approach to workflow. Our experts realize that establishing an electronic workflow is a process and a very worthwhile investment. We understand both the technical and cultural aspects of a successful transformation and take you step by step through the process. With VDS you are working with the top strategists, designers and implementers in our business.

Our corporate structure focusses our resources specifically on the design and support of customized solutions for law firms. This is how we define SUCCESS:

Excellent Service

VDS provides our clients with innovative approaches to information management but we never lose sight of the fundamental requirements of day to day service delivery. It is our job to provide our clients with quality, accuracy and timeliness in all service areas. We have a strong operations team and skilled employees on-site and we are successful when we are delivering excellent service to our clients.

Continual Improvement

Success to us is providing innovation that improves the efficiency of our client’s operation. Whether that means an improved job intake process, more efficient hospitality processes or a streamlined electronic workflow that integrates Records and Document Management to improve access to information, we are successful when we are working closely with our clients to leverage their investments in people and technology to improve operations.

Skilled Team

We know that we are only as good as our people at your site. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a team that understands how law firms work and who know how to “follow a case”. The law firm environment is unique; we understand it and know what it takes for success! Our employees understand electronic workflow, scanning technology, profiling and indexing as well as the critical basic customer service skills. We’re successful when we have a skilled, stable team that is an integral part of your daily operation.

Becoming a “Partner” not a “Vendor”

Our approach is that we should care as much about the success of your business as you do. We have tremendous experience with a variety of law firms and our job is to use that knowledge to create unique solutions for your specific needs.

“We’re successful when we have gained the trust of the firm and we’re “sitting at the table” with you discussing our shared vision and strategies to help the firm grow and stay competitive.” - VDS

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